Handcrafted Soaps & Tour Idea

Yesterday, Mr. UpCyclist, Lil O and I went to visit with Kim from Fresh Soap Company in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Fresh Soap Company is a cycling team sponsor and Kim is inventing a "cycle soap" in honor of the team.  Isn't that so cool?  She is working on the recipe and look now.

There are many reasons I wanted to collaborate with Kim.  She is a small business owner, completely engaging to be with and I thought, we cyclists get dirty...we really do need a soap sponsor.  Kim, without hesitation, agreed.  

Another reason I like collaborating with Kim is because she is a true innovator.  Look at her Grandma's Blueberry Muffin soap (packaged in fabric), her Shades of Grey soap (that she can package with the first novel) and Lil O's fav, Do You Like Pina Colada soap.  Kim's soaps don't get any cooler.  Plus, every soap is handmade by Kim in her soap studio & shop, which you can visit when you are in Breckenridge or mail order online.

Visiting with Fresh Soap Company made me also think, I need to take a cycling team sponsor world tour.  Can you imagine? I can visit with Snack Taxi in Massachusetts, Coach's Eye (who also makes Jing) near Michigan State University, Disabilities Claims Clinic in Florida, pick up a treat for Jedi at Honest Kitchen in San Diego (& see Dr. Irwin), and make it back to Maryland to have a relaxing acupuncture treatment with Dawn Acupuncture - I will need it after all that lovely travel.

Of course, the team has so many generous sponsors, I will have to plan two more mini-world tours to visit with them all.



PS - I'll come back soon to show you how I made those cool sparkly stars in the images above.  I am digging the stars these days.