Easter Subway Art by Lil O

Lil O loves making subway art with me.  I realized we must make our fair share of it as she now uses the word "font" with ease.  For example, when we were skiing last week, she pointed to the trail sign and said, "Hey look, they used a different font on this sign!"  She was correct.  For whatever reason, the ski signage on that peak used a different font for their signs.

I asked Lil O how she knew the word "font" and she replied, "You always ask me to choose a font."

Evidently, subway art aids vocabulary development.

Now, I love it more.  "It" being subway art because I can't possibly love Lil O more.  Famous last words.

Enjoy - and click here to download the artwork made by Lil O (and me as her assistant).




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