Life Updated: Winter Edition

I told 2013 I was coming for it and I really am....
  • Busy and sooooo elated to get Team Upcycled Education together.  Did you apply to be on the cycling team?  If not, do so here.
  • All good cycling teams have sponsors.  The sponsor line-up is almost complete -  wait until you see the amazing sponsors.  Woot, woot!  
  • If I had a dime for every winter hike and run I take lately, I would have an entire dollar!  Ha! Finally, the mid-Atlantic region is getting snow.  
  • I've got one word for you...Annie.  Do you know where I'm going soon?  Lil O is thrilled.
  • I updated the post about Lil O's first job offer.  The updates are listed at the top.
  • Pinch me.  I have another amazing group of college students this semester.  Education will change for the better - you mark my word!
  • The other day I was running down the driveway to pick-up Lil O and her friends at school.  I heard another mom say, "I want her energy," meaning me.  Yep, I feel energized and ready to conquer my dreams....all lined up in their queue.
  • Mr. UpCyclist had a birthday recently.  I think he is getting more handsome each year.  (I would put a photo of him in this blog post, but I think it might embarrass him).  However, you can see a photo of him here on Instagram.  My sneaky way of gettting around that.....
  • Our family is in week seven of family ice skating lessons.  I am tapping into my old rollerskating skills.
  • We have connected with Jedi's brothers who were also adopted. We are planning a reunion.  I wonder if Jedi will remember them.   Hmmm.....

What are you up to, Upcyclists?