Ways to Connect with Upcycled Education {for Tech Tuesday}

All this talk about connection and quotes the last few days has me thinking about our connection.  You know?  Me, you, and Upcycled Education.  

For Tech Tuesday, here are the simple ways to stay connected to Upcycled Education in 2013.  If you read other blogs (or want to start reading more blogs), all of the ways to stay connected apply to most blogs in general.

If you peer to the left side of the blog, you will see all the easy icons to help you stay connected.  If right now you are reading this on your mobile phone, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the mobile blog roll and click on "view web version" to see the real web layout.

Now, that you can see all the web version features, you can easily stay connected by choosing one or more of the following:

  • Facebook:  Easy peasy.  Become a Facebook friend of Upcycled Education and you'll be notified in your FB stories when a new blog post is available.  Plus, from time-to-time you'll get "behind the scenes" posts about Upcycled Education that are FB only.
  • Twitter:  The majority of my college students and colleagues who read Upcycled Education do not use Twitter, so it isn't the top social platform I currently embrace.  However, if you actively use Twitter, follow Upcycled Education and you will be notified when a new blog post is available.
  • Feed Subscribe: If you are like me and use Google Reader to catch up on your daily blogs, then, you can easily feed subscribe to Upcycled Education and it will appear in your reader's line-up.  This is my preferred method, but I also read about 10-20 blogs daily.  Google Reader makes that process easy and enjoyable.
  • Pinterest:  If you enjoy using Pinterest, you might know I do, too!  Thus, follow Upcycled Education and we can enjoy our pinteresting finds together.  Yay!
  • Email Subscribe:  This is my second favorite way to stay connected and get notified when a new blog post is available.  The new blog post is delivered right to your email inbox.  This can't be any easier and it is my Mom's preferred way to stay connected to Upcycled Education. Hi, Mom!
Let's stay connected, yes?  2013 is a going to be a stellar year.  I can feel it.



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