TinEye Labs {for Tech Tuesday}

How am I supposed to get anything accomplished with TinEye Labs (multicolor search) hanging around?  Since last week, I featured Photo Pin for Tech Tuesday, I thought you'd get a kick out of TinEye Labs.  TinEye extracts colors from over 10 million Creative Commons Flickr images and allows you to search images up to five different colors at a time.

In the photo collage below, I searched for images with blue, green and semi-lime colors.....

For this photo collage, I searched for pinks, light reds, blues and purples....

Lil O made a special request for reds, so I searched for images using five shades of reds.

Once you search, you can then click on a photo and it hyperlinks directly to Flickr where you can decide (or not) to download the image (of course, using Creative Commons parameters).  

See what you think of TinEye Labs.  I have a feeling you are going to smile and be unproductive like me.