Love. This. Quote.

Maxwell quote - Upcycled Education

This seems fitting on a day where most college students (taking winter classes) and preK-12 children go back-to-school.  Don't you agree?



PS - Dr. Maxwell is former superintendent of Anne Arundel County Schools in Maryland - in case you were wondering ;)


  1. I love this quote! I can always tell when a teacher or professor wishes his/her students were different, instead of accepting them as they are. I know I always learn best from teachers who are realistic and understand that their students aren't perfect, but still push them to be their best without being overbearing. This is really important for me to remember, too, as I hope to become an educator one day!

    1. Sarah - our classrooms need to be the one place in the world where students can be themselves. Safe, content and themselves.


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  5. It's true. I think sometimes teacher can't help being partial, after all there are many kind of students, but I hope every teacher read this quote :)
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