Life Updated: Early January Edition

I am already liking 2013.  

Our family's usual ski lift photo.....

I think Lil O's legs are growing again.  Don't they look so long here?

I'm 100% certain my parents will appreciate this photo taken by a real photographer and not my iPhone via Instagram.  Happy, parents?

I could cry I love these sled dogs so much.  I wonder what they think about being in the Ullr Fest Parade.

It's tradition for Lil O and Mr. UpCyclist to climb snow hills during our breaks from skiing.  I love their silliness.

Speaking of love, I love going to Colorado and spending time with our friends there.  Special Note: The name tags the adults are wearing were crafted by Lil O and her local friend, R.

Ahhhh, 2013.



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