Creating an Innovator in Lil O

So, I need your help.....

If you follow Upcycled Education on Facebook or Instagram, you know I was reading the book, Creating Innovators by Tony Wagner.  I finished the book a week ago and I am now in the processing stage post-read.  Yep, I am one of those folks who needs a bit of time to process and make sense of a book's message.  It generally takes me several weeks to make sense of it all.

Creating Innovators Tony Wagner

So far I can say, Creating Innovators is a thoughtful book - ideal for parents and teachers (and assorted allies).   Though there are several take-home messages in Wagner's book; one stands out to me immediately.  Overwhelming, it seems, most creative and innovative children and adults become passionate about something as a child.  Wagner's advice is to let kids "play" with that passion and to fuel the child's natural desire to learn more about their interest (without judgment).  

With that being said, I am looking for opportunities for Lil O to see real fashion design in person as you know that is a top interest of hers.  I've already contacting a local design and manufacturing company who specializes in women's clothing; Lil O and I are meeting the head designer and taking a tour of their factory in mid-February.  I would love to expose her to more of those real fashion opportunities.

If you have a lead, contact or "know someone" in the fashion industry in the Mid-Atlantic region, would you please share this blog post with them and/or share their contact information with me?  You (or they) can email me directly at jen at or you (or they) can leave a comment below.

As I continue to process Wagner's work, I will share more so we can all create more innovative children and students.

My best,

PS - If you have a budding fashion designer in your class or home, Lil O really enjoys this sketchbook and stencils pictured above.


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