What helps me live with Newtown, CT

This has been a tough few days.  I'm not going to lie.  I've put on my happy game face for my family and Lil O, but the shooting in Newtown weighs a bit on my soul.  I find myself hugging and kissing Lil O more, sharing more I love yous with my family, using lessons learned from my coaching sessions with Sue, and smiling more at neighbors and strangers. 

I really believe if our communities and the people in them were more connected like I describe in my blog post here, we would experience less violence and acts of terror.   Thus, I have stepped up my connection with others. It is why I teach, after all.  Why not connect, not only with my students, but with the world, yes?  Maybe that's why I like to blog, too.  Connections.

I also have found a few things that help alter my perspective.  Did you see this quote from Mr. Rogers?    

I am a spiritual person, but not religious, however, there is something very soothing about this image and text.  My favorite part is, "I have so much to show you...."  I think of all the beauty in the world.

I saw this video on Design Mom's blog.  I love it.  It is uplifting and clever....students are so incredible.

And these three beings.  They help me. They remind me how precious and amazing life is.

Thinking of you, Upcyclists.  If there is something that is helping you and you are willing to share, please leave a comment below.



  1. Hi Jen. I was in your 211 course in the fall and it was a great course.
    My heart is heavy too. I'm not much of a blogger, but I came across two things that made me feel better so I decided to share: The first url shows tributes from all over the world: http://now.msn.com/tributes-to-sandy-hook-victims-photo-gallery
    The one from Pakistan especially touched me, since Pakistan is no stranger to terrorism and shooting of children, and Pakistani-American relations are pretty strained.
    The second is a link to an article that contains a pic that "Meet the Press" used with the Mr. Rogers quote that you used in your post. It really illustrates your "connections" theme. It was taken at a children's rehab hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. in the late 70's.
    (Sorry- I can't figure out how to hyperlink on this post).

    1. Thank you for posting both of those. I was moved by the global tributes. The power of people and our connections - it is so healing and so necessary & essential.

      Now, I am sitting here wondering: which awesome 211 student posted this?


    2. Well, since you called me awesome, I'm Mary. (I was the short, blonde, old one.) Since I'm originally from Pgh., I'm partial to Mr. Rogers. I pretty much baby-sat my way through college, and along the way, I developed a totally non-scientific Mr. Rogers theory-- the younger kids that seemed to have a more stable home life preferred more lively TV shows, like Electric Company. But the kids that, in my opinion, had a less stable home life (it was the 70's) just LOVED Mr. Rogers. Being an adult, I found him kind of boring, but I can see that he gave them a sense of comfort that they needed.

    3. Hi Mary - I'm smiling thinking about you. And it has only been 8 weeks since our class together.

      I like your Mr. R theory. Maybe those kids with the unstable home lives needed Mr. R's calm presence and being. I am thinking of my daughter, Lil O. She is a wiggly gal and would prefer the Electric Company to Mr. R any day of the week. I'd like to think that equates to a stable homelife.


      Have a great holiday, Mary. Come back and take another class with me, OK?