My Favorite Family Sport

In efforts to balance work + play (and sanity), today's post is play related.  Yay!

Last year, this was our holiday blog collage.  I altered it to reflect this very important thought for today.

Skiing is my favorite family sport.

It is a sport kids pick up rather quickly when they are taught early how to ski.  It is a sport the whole family can enjoy together even with young kids (probably because most kids, like Lil O, are fearless on their skis).  And by the way, I swear Lil O is significantly faster than me on her skis (and Mr. UpCyclist, sorry babe to rat you out publicly).  When we race Nastar, she consistently earns gold and platinum medals.  Me?  Bronze.  And Mr. UpCyclist?  Hey, our entire family can't be medalists.  Mr. U has other great sports in mountain biking.

Back to is a sport that you can literally enjoy your entire life.  Have you seen how many 80+ older people ski and rip at it?

Thus, I'm planted a seed today - albeit, an expensive seed - teach your kids to ski early, got it?

You'll thank me when you are 80 years old and can still keep up with them on your skis.



PS - Mr. U and I snowboard, too.  From teaching snowboarding in my 20s, I am pretty certain you can pick up snowboarding at most any age.  Skiing, on the other hand, is best learned young.  Oh, and don't forgot about our lovely ski condo rental.  It would be fun to have cool blog readers rent it.  See you on the slopes!