Learn to Type {for Tech Tuesday}

Lil O has been asking to have her own blog.  Sure, you can blog.  You just need to know how to type.  Thus, I found a free, online typing program called Typing Web that will track her progress, teach her the home row keys (plus all the other zillion keys, letters, numbers, punctuation and symbols), and she can do it at her leisure.  No pressure, Lil O.  Just jump on the computer when you want to practice.

I also created a worksheet for her to track her typing lessons.  You, sweet blog reader, will have to wait and see that nifty worksheet in 2013.  That's when a new website for kids rolls out called Cwist - Challenge with a Twist!  Nifty name, no?  The worksheet and three typing Cwists will live on that website.

Until then....type on.....

1 comment:

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