Dear Santa...... Bike #1

Dear Santa,

Since our family is a family of upCYCLISTS, could you please add this to our holiday list?  It is from a Dutch company called Babboe.  This is the "city" edition.

We would also welcome the "cargo" edition below.  It looks like Lil O could bring a friend - or two.  or three with the cargo model, yes?

Mr. UpCyclist and I could stock the bikes with a cute, brown haired kid (we don't have any blonde ones around here), one furry puppy - who is going to try to jump out - and all our favorite gear (like rock climbing, river walking, snacks or crafting supplies.  Ha!).

Big thanks, Santa.

I have a few more bikes I want to request in the coming days......I hope I am not being too forward.



PS - Thanks, Sue.  I fell in love with Babboe while visiting your Pinterest boards.  Yay!