Dear Santa...... Bike #1

Dear Santa,

Since our family is a family of upCYCLISTS, could you please add this to our holiday list?  It is from a Dutch company called Babboe.  This is the "city" edition.

We would also welcome the "cargo" edition below.  It looks like Lil O could bring a friend - or two.  or three with the cargo model, yes?

Mr. UpCyclist and I could stock the bikes with a cute, brown haired kid (we don't have any blonde ones around here), one furry puppy - who is going to try to jump out - and all our favorite gear (like rock climbing, river walking, snacks or crafting supplies.  Ha!).

Big thanks, Santa.

I have a few more bikes I want to request in the coming days......I hope I am not being too forward.



PS - Thanks, Sue.  I fell in love with Babboe while visiting your Pinterest boards.  Yay!


  1. Lovely post! But also check out their other website for more information about these incredible cargobikes.

    1. Thank you, Brett. Looks like another place to purchase the cargo bike.

      Love it,


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