A Good Holiday

It was a good holiday.  Just as it should be when we are at our real home - lots of family, friends, cheer, good food and love.  We've spent the last few holidays in Colorado at our other home, which is totally enjoyable, but in different ways.

Here's a holiday recap.  And by the way, my iPhone had over 6,000 photos on it and thus, it was giving me an error message that I couldn't take anymore. Bah humbug.  Mr. UpCyclist helped me download all those lovely photos.  Now, I am ready to take 6K more.

Lil O by our tree.......She is way into fashion design lately, so many of her presents centered around that theme.

Christmas night dinner at my sister's house.  Lil O is sporting her new outfit from her cousins.  Cute, isn't it?  I love the gun metal gray color.  I believe the entire outfit is from 77 Kids; purse from Claire's.

The three cousins on their new love sac.  That sac is a hoot.

What do you think of my new dress from Macy's?   It made of t-shirt material, which means it is so soft and comfortable.  Thanks, Mom and Hal!

Here are some day-after shots....Lil O in her fascinator headband.  That was a great find at Kohl's for 50% off that day.  Mr. UpCyclist is working on the Our Home Town puzzle.  The puzzle is of our home in Colorado.  Ahhh......

And me.   Happy, slightly tired, me with sweet Jedi in the background.

How was your holiday, Upcyclists?



PS - What do you think about the wall behind Mr. UpCyclist in the photo above?  Wouldn't it make a great chalkboard wall?