What's a Favicon? {for Tech Tuesday}

When I first started blogging here, I had no idea what a favicon was.  I saw that I could add one for Upcycled Education, but again, I wasn't sure what it was or why I needed one.

After a quick Google search, I learned all about favicons.  This post does a good job of explaining them if you want to learn, too.  I made Upcycled Education's favicon in Photoshop Elements.  The trick is to make the favicon image square and not too large of a file.  This is Upcycled Education's current favicon.  It looks a little blurry because I wanted to enlarge it to show it to you.  It generally is super small (look above and see if you can find it).

Favicons are spicy, aren't they?  They add eye candy to those cute, lil tabs and URL line in your internet browser.