Most Popular Pinterest Pins

Yesterday, I demonstrated how to figure out which of your pins (for your website or blog) are the most popular (aka:  repinned). Today, I will reveal Upcycled Education's most popular pins.  Ready?  The results surprised me!

Most Popular Pin - Huzzah!: Paint Swatch Activities

Second Most Popular Pin - Woot, woot!:  Professor KP's Textbook Quote Activity.  Yay, Professor KP - who is now working on her doctoral degree.  I adore that smart woman!

Third Most Popular Pin - Say "Surprise":  Our Bottle Cap Mirror in Colorado.  Get cap collecting!

Fourth Most Popular Pin - Who loves a good craft?:  DIY Textbook Charms.  These would be a fun gift for the holidays.

And the Fifth Most Popular Pin:  Upcycled Education itself!

Congrats to all the pin winners.