Jedi, Happy Birthday!

Dear Sweet Puppy Jedi,

Do you have any idea how much you changed my life?  Lil O's and Mr. UpCyclist's lives, too?  You have.  You are not only a sweetheart to our family - full of love, greetings, warmth and cuddles, but your temperament and personality are well liked by your doggie friends and even strangers.

Jedi, you've kept me from becoming the hunchback of my laptop.  You've helped me meet new neighbors and friends.  You've brought me even more into the outdoors than I was before.  You've brought complete joy to our family.

I call you Lil O's little, furry brother and I mean it.  You are an integral part of our family and I am so happy we found each other.  I cannot thank Becca from Black Dog Rescue enough for taking the time to choose you (and your siblings) from the shelter in Kentucky and nurse you back to health when you felt icky and ill.

I know I speak for Daddy and Lil O when I say this.  We love you tremendously.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Jedi!  Let's celebrate with your dog-friends today!

Love, Mom