Googleable Questions

What if educators and college professors stopped asking questions on tests and exams that can be answered by a simple Google search?  How might education, assessment, and standardized testing change?

Sparked by this worthy article,



  1. i love that article. as i have progressed through my education classes, both undergrad and grad, i have come to the firm realization that i am 100% against standardized testing (and homework)....i have had to do quite a bit of defending my stance to my peers and professors. i plan to allow students to choose their form of assessment for each unit; students can choose from a long list of projects to create/complete to demonstrate their knowledge of a topic and then choose how to present that knowledge (trying to merge Gardner and Pink)...there is a little more to it, but i don't want to dominate your comments section! point is, as that article says, it's totally worth the extra effort on the educator's part!

  2. Critical thinking is an extremely important asset for all students to be able to illustrate. It shows that they are capable of finding the right answer, whether it is through Google, Facebook, Twitter or etcetera, and be able to support that evidence through knowledge and skill set not provided in media. Instead of having students’ fill in bubbles as practice for real life assessment, why not have them support their answers through short responses building self-esteem and providing useful work-based knowledge? Therefore, if we went from having students bubble in answers to paragraphed or bulleted responses would it not change the way we think as a country? There is not only one answer to the question, and simply there is not one way of thinking?

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