TED talks and School Reform

After my breakfast with the California family, I was reminded how much I adore TED Talks and how little I use them in my classroom.

Times are a changin'.

This talk from Sir Ken Robinson linked above combines so many of my interests and those of my college students:  school reform, standardization, ADHD and creativity.

Plus, raise your hand if you appreciate a RSA Animate video?

(My hand is raising and waving wildly).

Enjoy this,


  1. This is so cool. I love your job, you share creativity...I get it now! Pictures help everyone learn...Love this!

  2. The other day, greeting me as I passed, was a cold and black rod iron fence wrapped around an entire building, and I glanced at it, as I made my way into the crowded hallways filled with eager students. Truly, I wondered if they were actually eager, and I mean eager to walk in and jump into class at the sound of each bell, lunch time scheduled for them, and course material that features more information about testing formats and skills needed to pass the “grand” test than the great Robert Frost or William Wordsworth. For some students’, this is there least restrictive environment (LRE), but is it really? Now, I do believe that many teachers’ differentiate and modify to fit the students in the classroom, but does the school system itself modify, or accommodate for each child?( as in tracks such as college bound, technical schools, workforce) And how could a high school with 2,000 students do so in today’s world?

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