Teachers Pay Teachers {for Tech Tuesday}

Teachers make the best sharers, which is probably why Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) - an online marketplace for lessons plans, activities and other teachery things - is having such a huge success.  In fact, one of the teachers who uses TPT just surpassed earning a million dollars just through the items she's sold to other teachers on TPT.

Isn't that awesome?  A million on the side.  To read more about her success, click here.

Of course, not everything is for sale on TPT.  Almost 50,000 items are free!  Free.  FRee.  FREE!

Before you spend anytime developing your next lesson plan or activity, check out Teachers Pay Teachers and save yourself valuable time. Or add your own items and start earning extra income.

Yep, thank me later :)


PS - Special thanks to Skillshare for featuring Teachers Pay Teachers on their Facebook page this week and reignited my interest in them.