Seeing Stars

I recently had professional head shots taken.  Evidenced above and below.  Star doodles seemed appropriate for the photo above, no?  Just look at my mischievous smile.

A head shot of me is long overdue.  Up until last week, if someone needed a head shot of me for a professional gig, I just cropped a photo off my iPhone.  That's a sure way to look unprofessional, mind you.  Now, I owe a humongous thank you to Photography by Shelane.  Shelane was ultra-fast at snapping the photos of me, editing them that day (I love my softened wrinkles!) and somehow made me look like I have style.  You should know, I brought seven tops (blouses) with me to the photo shoot.  Shelane nixed five of them without batting an eyelash.  She's not fooling around.

This head shot below is one of my favorites.  My mom doesn't like that part of my head is cut off.  I like that feature, actually.  Plus, I like the artsy feel of the brick wall and the background being out-of-focus.

Most of my family and close friends think this head shot below makes the best head shot.  It does have more of a traditional look.

I think this one truly captures my personality.  Though it might not make a traditional head shot.

It especially does not make a traditional head shot when you add doodles to it, but they make me smile.

Shelane captured the sweet side of me with this shot.  Looks can be deceiving.  Ha! 

In the end, I think I will take Shelane's advice.  I will use all the head shots for the "right" occasion.  If I need a more playful head shot, I have 'em.  If I need a more traditional, conservative head shot, I have those, too.

Thank you, Shelane, for capturing me and my personality on digital film and separating my curls when the humidity kindly clumped them together.  

What's your head shot look like?