Open to Opportunity

I am in Boston for a meeting today.  A pretty quick in & out visit.  I brought along a stack of papers to grade and toted them to breakfast with me.  To my fruition, I didn't grade a single paper.  I blame my impromptu breakfast mates - a lovely family from California.

It turns out the family homeschools their two sons - you know, I appreciate thoughtful homeschooling - and the mom was such a wealth of insightfulness that I literally took notes.  Yes, having a regular conversation over breakfast taking notes.  That's me.  Slightly geeky.

Which made me think.  When you are open to opportunity, delightful things can happen.

Now, I just need to grade this stack of papers, attend my meeting, and find a bookstore before my flight this evening.  The mom recommended two books for me.  Have you read Ingenius or Creating Innovators?

Open to opportunity,

PS - College students who have taken Educational Psychology with me, you'll laugh when I tell you which book the high school-aged son was reading.  Daniel Pink's Drive!  Could this family be any cooler?