Crowdrise for Tech Tuesday

One of the great attributes of the 21st century is us humans sure are into fundraising.  Crowdrise makes it easy to fundraise online - either for one of their preset charities or a cause of your own.

For example, say you are running a 5K next month.  You can register yourself on Crowdrise, make a fundraising page for the 5K and solicit your friends and family to contribute to your page and thus, the cause. The cause does need to be real.  You can't fundraise for the new iPhone 5 you want.  In fact, once the monies are raised, Crowdrise sends the check to the cause/charity on your behalf (and Crowdrise takes a small fee for doing so; 4.95% of each donation).

If you are a non-profit, like a public school, you can register the public school on Crowdrise.  Then, others can fundraise for the school via Crowdrise.  What an easy way for students to fundraise online!

Of course, if you are solely a non-profit, like this one - Operation Smile - you can set up an easy donation page.  By the way, I am in awe of organizations like Operation Smile because I subscribe to this lovely blog and follow Little One's adoption story.  

So, there you have it.  Fundraising for the 21st century.  Easy peasy.