Trio of Change and My Story

Like a car, every once in a while I need a tune-up.  I can almost always feel the "need" for a tune-up creeping up on me.  I'm more emotional.  More stressed.  More critical.  More busy.  Since fall is a time of change, it is not surprising this is how I feel right. this. minute.

Interestingly, this week has brought a trio of helpers.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Helper #1:  My Pinterest class on Skillshare

This class, which is all about telling your brand story using Pinterest as the medium, is forcing me to sit down, learn, and think "What is my brand?  What brand story do I want to tell?"  Do I even have a brand or story to tell?  I think yes to both.

Helper #2:  Seth Godin's blog post, "What is your super power?"

In trying to wrap my mind around my brand and story, I came across this helpful blog post on identifying your super power.  Do I have a super power?  I think yes.  See my doodle above.  As you can see, I haven't quite narrowed down my power.  But, I do believe there is something that makes me unique, courageous and super somewhere in there.  I imagine all adults and children (and pets) have a super power.

Helper #3:  Life coaching with Constant Journey

An old friend from when I taught in Ecuador is embarking on a new career, life coaching.  I think Sue calls it co-coaching, but to me it is a lovely mix of life coaching and a having a really good listener on your side.  I think I could use both right now to assist in my life tune-up.  Sue wanted to practice her coaching craft and asked if I would participate in a sample 30-minute session via Skype.  Since Sue lives in Calgary and I've never been life-coached,  I obliged.  After our session (which lasted more than 30 minutes as we are friends and needed to catch up on life), I felt.....refreshed.  Invigorated.  Happier.  Fed up that I let life's junk run me over.  No more.

I left the session - in which I cried no less than three times (see, I told you I need a tune-up) - and now want more coaching sessions.  I just looked at Sue's rates and I think I can swing the discovery session and four follow-ups ($375 total).  I am worth it.  Yes, life you heard me.  I. AM.  WORTH.  THE. MONEY.  AND.  TIME.

So, that's my story.  It may not be my brand story.  I know I need help in fine-tuning my story and identifying the brand story for Upcycled Education.   But, I'm about to write the next chapter and that feels refreshing.

Like a crisp fall day.