Note to Self

Crack out more sidewalk chalk with my college students.  Maybe I will, too, this weekend.

Have a great one, Upcyclists!


PS - This photo is from 4th of July in Breckenridge, Colorado.  The Arts Council blocks off one full street and holds a sidewalk chalk drawing contest.  Each participant is assigned a square and given a ziploc full of chalk.  It is a hoot for the kids and adults, though those really vibrant colors are tricky to wash off your hands and clothes.  What do you think of that view? Ahhhh.......


  1. Oh, I am so using this with my third graders soon! Maybe I'll take a picture of each drawing with the iPads and they can use it as a pre-write! Thanks for the idea!! The wheels are turning!!

    1. Becca - I'd love to see what you all do. Send a photo: jen at


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