Dear Crayola - Last Call

Dear Crayola,

They say three times is a charm, no?  I mean, I did write to you the first time here.  Then, 219 days later, I wrote this to you.  And, yes, I've grown.  Notice I am not keeping track of the days anymore. And it is not because I am too lazy to do the math and the whole leap year thing is throwing me off.

I've just matured.  I mean, I have a life coach now.  Geez.

I've updated my Crayola wish list in effort to give you once last chance to redeem yourself, big, super-important, multi-national company (so, what if I've been listening to an over-abundance of political speeches lately?).  In addition to the first list I started here, please send the following to me and my college students immediately:

I think these anti-roll, triangular crayons would be perfect for little kids or children with special needs. They are just about as cool as the crayons featured here by Crafterhours.   I like how you marketed them as "promoting a proper writing grip."  Clever.

I am digging all your odd-shaped items this fall.  A sturdy base on a glue stick?!  Very innovative, Crayola.  Kudos to you.

What student (or professor) doesn't like a touch of embellishment on a college project or paper?

Eco-made and has a baffling crystal effect?!  Stop.  We. Need. These. Now.  Have you seen the windows of most college classrooms?  Send immediately. K?

I'm a big lover of gel pens, so I imagine these gel markers will be right up my alley.  Not to be greedy, but I'll take a carton of these as there is always someone who leaves the cap off and your markers dry out pretty quickly - no offensive.  Just speaking the truth.

Shhh....don't tell Lil O because I want it to be a surprise.  I feel like you owe her something as all this letter writing is taking away from time I could be spending with her.  If you send the Dream Bakery, it will kinda make up for lost mother-daughter time.  Kinda.

Alrighty then.  That's my last and final letter to you.  My next correspondance will be a handwritten thank you card for sending all this awesome stuff.

Thank you, Crayola.  I knew the third time would be a charm.