Unfreeze Your Mind

My last few days in Colorado and I'm attempting to wean myself back to reality.  I'm working more, preparing for fall classes, and brainstorming how I can slip back into my Maryland life with a positive attitude.  I just adore Colorado and Breckenridge - its cool weather, healthy lifestyle, dog-friendly everything, and the convenience of walking everywhere.  Hmmm...what's a girl to do?
As I was preparing for an upcoming workshop I'm giving, I stumbled upon Kurt Lewin's change model.  It is exactly what I need to embrace in order to leave Colorado and slip back into my Maryland life, happily.

Phase One:  Unfreeze your mind.  Yes, you heard me.  Unfreeze it.  Let that mind of yours thaw.  In this phase you prepare for change and decide a change in behavior, attitude, thought, or feeling is necessary to succeed.  This phase reminds me of having an open mind.  I can do that.  I like open minds.  Hello mind, time to unfreeze, k?

Phase Two:  Change.  In this phase you actually do the changing.  You embrace that new behavior, attitude, thought or feeling and let it emerge and be.  Of course, this part of the model is the scariest especially if you are like me and tend to resist change.  I imagine good friends and family would be very helpful during this phase.  Did you hear me Maryland friends and family?  I need your help.  Help me find all the good in Maryland and my life there.  PS - Students, I bet you could help me, too. You always make me smile.  And laugh.  And push me to be the best I can be.  And laugh some more.

Phase Three:  Refreeze your mind.  This step is important Lewin's says because if you don't refreeze your mind, there is a chance you could slip back into your old ways.  Whatever your new behavior,  attitude, thought, or feeling is needs to be your new norm.  Which means I need to embrace that I can have a great life in Colorado and in Maryland.

Where am I in all this?  I'm still in Phase One.  My mind is unfreezing and I know change is on the horizon.