Thank you, Breck

Dear Summer in Breckenridge, CO,

Thank you for providing cool temperatures, tons of interesting activities, welcoming our sweet puppy, Jedi, and making all four of us smile from the inside out.

We so enjoyed our two months with you.

With love & gratitude,


PS - The photos below are from our last day there.  

Mountain biking as a family......

The riders - Mr. UpCyclist, Jedi and Lil O.  Jen on camera balancing on a log to take this shot.....

Mountain biking in Breckenridge

Celebratory slurpees with another new straw!  You remember how cute the last straw is, right?  Dinner in town and Jedi joined us on the restaurant's deck. Breckenridge, no one does flowers like you do.  Please thank the gardeners and watering cart gals who keep the town looking so delightful.

Finally, a "couples" photo.  Lil O just loved playing in the river and jumping off rocks.  Actually, we all loved playing in the river and jumping (or sitting) on rocks.

Oh, how I love these people photographed above and that furry hound in that special town.  Now, time to unfreeze my mind and meld back into Merryland - typo, completely intentional.


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