Upcycled Tees {with Crafterhours}

You might have remembered my collaboration with Susan from Crafterhours last year to upcycle some old tees.  If you missed that post, feel free to enjoy it here.  Well, my love for this project and style has not decreased.  If anything, I've been purposely choosing boxy, men's tees to refashion.

Case in point.  This one from the Firecracker 50 - a mountain bike race in Colorado (photo below).  No, I didn't compete in the race, but I did volunteer for the event and calf marked.  Please don't make me get into the specifics of calf marking.  Just ask one of your triathlon pals or sporty friends, K?

Upcycled Tee

Anywho, I love, love, love this simple tee refashion and Susan just published a tutorial that is no-sew.  Yep.  You don't even have to sew or own a sewing machine to make these bad boys.  Plus, how cute are you going to look this summer?

Adorable, I tell ya.


PS - If you don't have a good, boxy men's tee, sneak one out of your brother, boyfriend, husband or dad's drawer.  Aim for the bottom of their stack; those are the ones they won't miss ;)