Upcycled Puzzle Thank You Cards

Well, hello there.  How have you been?  Lil O and I are literally "working" at Starbucks this afternoon to take advantage of their free wifi.  We keep drinking and nibbling to earn our seats.  I must say, the summer has been lovely so far and thus, you haven't heard too much from me.  The wildfires in Colorado are slowly becoming contained and thankfully, they haven't affected our area.  We could seriously use some rain; it is soooo dry this summer.

In order to not lose you and this blog completely (I realize I might be getting close), I've including a tutorial below to make some nifty upcycled puzzle thank you cards.  I'm sure there is someone you'd like to thank or write to this summer.  Plus, this is perfect for the kiddos or if you are working at a summer camp.


Step one:  Deconstruct some boxes, so you leave just the fun, colorful faces of them.  You can tell we heart Trader Joe's.

Step two:  Write your thank you note.  Lil O's school only teaches cursive writing (yay, Montessori education).  Thus, she prefers to write mainly in cursive, though she also knows how to print.  By the way, my cursive writing is atrocious.  Lil O is always pointing that out to me.  Thanks.

Step three:  Cut up your note into pieces.  We think big chunky pieces work best.

Step four:  Mix up the pieces.

Step five:  Put the pieces in an envelope and send.  Our cards only required regular postage as they were not bulky at all.

Ta-da!  Easy, upcycled puzzle thank you cards.

Do you have any nifty upcycled thank you card ideas?  I'd love to hear about them in the comments section below.

OK, Upcyclist, go enjoy the summer.  I'll write soon about our scare with puppy Jedi.  Thankfully, he is ok....