Fancy Hands {for Tech Tuesday}

Technically, it is not Tuesday.  But, since being in Colorado all summer, everyday feels like a Saturday or Sunday.  Tuesday never seems to roll around.  Plus, "Fancy Hands for Tech Friday" lacked alliteration.

Thus, today I declare Tech Tuesday.  Cue drum roll and spotlight, please.

Fancy Hands image

Fancy Hands is on my wish list of smart services to try.  How fantastic that I could hire a personal assistant and ask them to do random tasks for me from afar.  Sister or Lori, if you are reading, I think Fancy Hands could be your new BFF.  You both are very busy gals.

The price structure is based on how many requests you make of your new assistant each month.  If you use Basecamp, which you know I adore from this post here, you can use your existing Basecamp account to assign tasks to Fancy Hands.  For you non-Basecamp users, you can make assistant requests via your phone, email or by using the web.  Could it be any easier? 

Fancy Hands Pricing

All the assistants are US-based and from what I can tell, most of the requests involve scheduling, light research, simple problem-solving, and sending flowers to your mom on her birthday so you look like a rock star for remembering kind-of-stuff.  Fancy Hands has examples of real requests, like the ones below, to get you in the requesting mood.  Helpful, no?

Fancy Hands examples

Fancy Upcyclists, get fancy with Fancy Hands. I'd love to hear your fanciful thoughts about them.