Life Updated

You can tell I'm on summer mode.  I haven't blogged about anything education related in a while.  It will day.  For now, let's catch up.

My little family and I are in Colorado.  Shocking, no?  I think I talk about Colorado in my college classes as much as I talk about Montessori Education and as lovingly.  Seriously, Colorado is like a giant playground.  Case in point, Lil O hula hooping it up at a town party.

Or Puppy Jedi enjoying an outhouse race (yes, I'm serious...outhouses!).  By the way, I counted.  In ten square feet, there were seven dogs.  Seven!  Colorado is dog heaven and Jedi is enjoying every minute of it and the hundred dogs he has met. Not to mention he has met some donkeys, ponies, sheep, goats and even a miniature pot belly pig.  Have you seen miniature pot belly pigs?  A-dorable.  I think I want one. 

The altitude here is almost 10,000 feet.  It generally takes me (and the rest of the family) 2-5 days to acclimate.  Until that point, I have a slight headache.  I am incredibly thirsty and semi-lethargic.  Oh, how I adore the plethora of oxygen you find at sea level!  Since we are now in Day 3 of our Colorado stay, I took Jedi on a hike up to our neighborhood lake.  He was such a good hiker (and then he took a big ole' nap).  I love that he can be off-leash so much in Colorado.  Even dogs walk down Main Street off-leash (not Jedi as he is soooo puppy still).

Our hike summit.  Pretty, no?

I promise not to blog about Life Updated things all summer long.  But, you can tell I'm definitely not in the mood to talk about much else right now.  As for an update on Mr. UpCyclist.  Let's just say he over-did his mountain biking the last two days and is now taking the day off.  Somehow he has forgotten he was hit by a car exactly one month ago and I'm silly and forgot to "ground" him.

Note to self:  Keep husband in check.  Drink lots of water.  Love on Lil O, Mr. U, and Jedi.  Enjoy life.

What's your summer like?