Life Updated: Summer Begins

With school/college just ending, let summer begin!  The first adventure of the summer... a road trip to Memphis, TN to see my mom and step-dad.  The photos above go like this:

  • (top left) Lil O keeps very busy in the car.  Our uber-cool neighbors gave her an activity bag and thank goodness, as 95% of the time she's been busy with the activities they gave her (not the ones I packed).  
  • (top right) Puppy Jedi is embracing a good road trip.  Here, he is sleeping with his bunny.  He even got to spend the night in a hotel for the first time and meet other dog-hotel guests.
  • (bottom left) Me and my parents' bird, Sebastian.  Would you believe Sebastian loves to cuddle and ride around on your shoulder and chest?  Cutie pie bird and thankfully, Jedi seems to like him.  PS on that one:  I caught Jedi licking Sebastian's feathers lovingly (or hopefully not with hopes of eating him!).  
  • (bottom right) With me at the wheel, Lil O, Mr. UpCyclist and Jedi watch a movie.  Yes, it is very hard to see Jedi. Can you spot him all nestled in?  I should mention that the entire front seat is completely empty.  Our family really likes to be close :)

Yay, summer!  I hope yours is off to a good start.

All the best,