Puppy Jedi Recommends {and Giveaway}

Personalized dog treat

Puppy Jedi had a lovely surprise recently.  I ordered him a personalized dog treat from My Dog's Bakery.  Kris, the owner of My Dog's Bakery, was kind enough to send the treat since I had newly "liked" the bakery's Facebook page.  When I read the ingredients on the treat, I was in shock.  I am not kidding - I could have eaten the treat myself.  Everything was food-based and real.  No fillers, junk, or words I couldn't pronounce.

Want to order a {free} treat for your dog?  All you have to do is support a growing business, My Dogs Bakery by "liking" their Facebook page.  Then, email or message Kris to let her know the name of your furry friend.  The bakery sends out the treat lickety-split (pun intended :).  Kris gave me the thumbs up to share this awesome giveaway.  Of course, My Dog's Bakery is in Colorado - you knew that since they are so kind and generous.

Oh, and Puppy Jedi completely recommends their treats!

Now, you see it....(Jedi is practicing his "leave it" command. Look at his patience.)

Now, you don't.....

Thank you so much, Kris and My Dog's Bakery.  And thank you to Clipper's Canine Cafe for turning me onto to this bakery.

Bow wow,
Jen (and Jedi)