Life Updated + Break Time

As many of you Facebook fans know, Mr. UpCyclist is recuperating after being struck by a car while cycling.  Thankfully, he and his riding partner walked away without any huge internal complications.  Whew, I am so grateful. This could have been so. much. worse.  

As you can see from the photo above, Mr. U's front fork is completely severed.  The frame is also split in three other areas.  Mr. U specializes in composite materials (did I mention he's an engineer?)  He said it takes a tremendous amount of force to break, split and sever carbon fiber like that.  

Again, whew.

SOOOOO...with that prelude and my time helping him heal, I will be taking a short break from Upcycled Education.  For those of you longtime blog readers, you know I did this last May for a solid month.  Maybe that should be my new norm - take May into June off from blogging.  When I come back, I hope to unveil the new blog design, complete the Be Creative Series and gear up for a series related to school lunches (as I have a bag of tricks for packing them).

In the meantime, think healing thoughts for Mr. UpCyclist, my love.


PS - I do still plan to guest judge for Crafterhours Skirt Week competition.  I will be judging the A-line skirt category as that seems the most teachery.  Something about looking at pretty skirts online sounds soothing to me right now.