It's that time again....Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale!

Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale

It is that time of the year again when you can score soooo many inexpensive books at the Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale.  Yay!

If you have never been to their warehouse sale before, the warehouse is about the size of Costco and it is (uber) organized with new books by age range and genre.  There are also other items to buy like posters, knick-knacks, instructional toys, etc.  I think it is an educator's and parent's dream.  Lil O and I scored an armful of books for close to nothing.  

As a mom, it was one of those moments where I said, "Pick anything you want!"  "Now, choose another book!"  "How about another?"

Too fun and we both felt like reading rock stars.

Click on this link or the image above to find a warehouse near you.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN EDUCATOR TO ENJOY THE SALE.  Any person can attend.

Well worth it,