{Free} Sandwich Container for Kids!

Rudi's Bakery Sandwich Box Giveaway Image

I've been meaning to write a lunch series as our family packs 2-3 lunches a day and almost all of the contents are waste-free.  We use nifty containers and things to make packing lunches faux fun and doable.  In the meantime since I am bogged down with my college students' final exams, you'll have to find the nearest kid and ask them to draw some artwork for Rudi's Organic Bakery's free sandwich box giveaway.  Yep, all free.  Rudi's will even cover the expense to ship the lunch box container to you.  Kind, no?

See what you think here.   The only catch is you have to "like" Rudi's on Facebook, upload your image via their Facebook page and order by June 30th.  Lil O will be designing her artwork soon.  We She loves this kind of stuff.

Big ole' thanks to Rudi's,


PS - Figures Rudi's is a Colorado company.  You know how I adore Colorado and its awesome spirit.