Diptic and Labelbox for Tech Tuesday

Let me start by saying, up to this point, I have NEVER paid for an iPhone app.  I only like the free ones.  But recently, I stumbled across a blog and a great post.  The blogger, Jenni of Roseland Family Blog, suggested two of her favorite iPhone apps to use with photos.  Since I love taking photos with my phone and was still grieving the loss of Picnik.com, I decided to give both apps a try.

I am hooked and oh, so happy.  And only out 99 cents.

I'll let Jenni - who is about as cute and cheerful seeming as they come - describe Diptic and Labelbox to you.  Click here for two life changing apps. 

Soooo happy,


PS - Thanks, Jenni, for giving me the thumbs up to share your post.