Textbook Gems - Guest Blogger/Guest Upcyclist Series

Look at these wonderfully inviting textbook gems Professor KP created and wanted to share with Upcycled Education.

Professor KP, a regular here at UE, basically followed this tutorial for magnet gems using Mod Podge, but left off the magnet portion.  Of course, she found vocabulary and terms from some of her old textbooks to make the gems lesson ready.  Then, she challenged her college students to dream up clever ways to use the gems.  Look at what they came up with.....

Aren't her college students clever?  What creative ideas to incorporate textbook gems and upcycle old textbooks and of course, my fav:  Mod Podge.

Love this!


PS - Professor KP said she bought her gems at the dollar store.  She said to look for the longest gem-shapes possible.  Notice her gems are elongated, not the typical round shape used for DIY gem magnets.

PSS - I am laughing that I called Professor KP a "regular" here at Upcycled Education.  It sounds like we are a restaurant or bar.  Ha!