Sign Up Genius for Tech Tuesday

Today's Tech Tuesday feature is g-e-n-i-u-s.  Sign Up Genius is the perfect, free, online solution to the annoying task of organizing people, classroom volunteers, who-is-going-to-bring-snack-to-the-next-soccer-tournament, potluck dishes, you name it!  If my mom is reading today - which I bet she is - Mom, this would be great for your docent work at the zoo.  Oh, and I love you.

One of the moms from Lil O's school used Sign Up Genius recently to organize a potluck-type class gift.  I was thrilled to easily join Sign Up Genius, add our family's contribution to the class gift and any additional comments I thought would be helpful to the organizer.

Just for fun, I created a "test" genius below.  Click on the image to sign-up for a "pretend" Upcycled Education potluck.  What will you bring?




  1. It looks like our potluck is coming along nicely. Want to join us? Click on the potluck link above.



  2. how did i not 'invent' this tool...? between my 3 sisters, many cousins, and i always coordinating what to bring to what holiday event, parties at our friends' places, band events, and play dates, we have so much going on all of the time! this will make it so much easier to organize! thanks (yet again!) for sharing!


    1. It sounds like your family definitely needs this Tech Tuesday feature. Enjoy!


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