Sign Up Genius for Tech Tuesday

Today's Tech Tuesday feature is g-e-n-i-u-s.  Sign Up Genius is the perfect, free, online solution to the annoying task of organizing people, classroom volunteers, who-is-going-to-bring-snack-to-the-next-soccer-tournament, potluck dishes, you name it!  If my mom is reading today - which I bet she is - Mom, this would be great for your docent work at the zoo.  Oh, and I love you.

One of the moms from Lil O's school used Sign Up Genius recently to organize a potluck-type class gift.  I was thrilled to easily join Sign Up Genius, add our family's contribution to the class gift and any additional comments I thought would be helpful to the organizer.

Just for fun, I created a "test" genius below.  Click on the image to sign-up for a "pretend" Upcycled Education potluck.  What will you bring?