A New Take on Class Meetings

You probably remember Dr. I from her guest post here.  Welcome back, Dr. I!  Explain a new take on class meetings to the Upcycled community, please......(and PS - I miss you since you moved to SD!)

(Graphic from The Graphic Fairy; Picniked by Jen)

Many classrooms hold weekly class meetings to help build a positive classroom environment and for each student to have a voice and feel like part of a learning community.

The class meeting structure at one school in San Diego is called CPR (Concerns, Praises, Responsibilities) and it is used in grades 2-5.  My daughter’s teacher, and I agree starting class meetings on a positive note sets the stage for a successful meeting.
  • Praises (students compliment one another for something great they did that week….like being a good study partner)
  • Responsibilities (students are given the opportunity to take responsibility for something they did, without being prompted … like apologizing for taking someone’s pencil)
  • Concerns (students can raise a concern about another student….but it cannot be something that the student already took responsibility for … also, the teacher does not allow more than two concerns to be raised about the same student)
I LOVE the structure of this class meeting and think that it is developmentally appropriate for 7-10 year olds.  The second graders would need more teacher support to learn how the process works, but by the time the students get to 4th or 5th grade, they could probably run the meeting themselves.  Talk about empowerment!
Dr. I, I love this class meeting line-up, too, as it promotes student ownership and civility.
Thank you for sharing and big thanks to Ms. H and her colleagues at Francis Parker for making this a vital part of students' days.
All the best,