Grammar Girl for Tech Tuesday

I need Grammar Girl like I need food and water.  Thankfully, Professor KP introduced her to me this semester.  Grammar Girl, where have you been my whole life?  How did I survive without you? 

Basically, if you need help with anything grammatical, for example, when to use the subjunctive verb tense, why and when to use a comma, and the big 21st century stumper - is it "email" or "e-mail?"  Grammar Girl is there for you.  Just go to her site and search for whatever help you need.  Plus, Ms. Fogarty (a.k.a.:  Grammar Girl) not only textually explains the rationales, but many explanations are narrated by Grammar Girl herself. 

Neat, huh? 

And by the way, I am walking on eggshells hoping to not make any grammatical mistakes while writing this Tech Tuesday blog post.

Fingers crossed.