Grammar Girl for Tech Tuesday

I need Grammar Girl like I need food and water.  Thankfully, Professor KP introduced her to me this semester.  Grammar Girl, where have you been my whole life?  How did I survive without you? 

Basically, if you need help with anything grammatical, for example, when to use the subjunctive verb tense, why and when to use a comma, and the big 21st century stumper - is it "email" or "e-mail?"  Grammar Girl is there for you.  Just go to her site and search for whatever help you need.  Plus, Ms. Fogarty (a.k.a.:  Grammar Girl) not only textually explains the rationales, but many explanations are narrated by Grammar Girl herself. 

Neat, huh? 

And by the way, I am walking on eggshells hoping to not make any grammatical mistakes while writing this Tech Tuesday blog post.

Fingers crossed.



  1. The fact that Grammar girl is able to incorporate audio and written presentations of grammatical skills makes it appear like a fabulous tool that could be used in and out of the classroom for students’ with and without special needs. As a teacher it could be used in the computer lab as students’ work one on one with different aspects of a sentence, for example.

  2. I like "Grammar girl" because it gives students a lesson on grammar and it helps them if they are having problems. The learning tool can be used for students with or without special needs. I think children may actually have fun with this tool and may also gain confidence while using the tool.

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