Upcycling Containers

Every since cleaning out our home studio (Mr. UpCyclist calls it an "office; I personally think "studio" sounds more creative), I have been pleasantly surprising myself with organizational tools and ideas.  This 2-minute project is life changing as I am always looking for a piece of scrap paper and can never find one conveniently.

To make this heavenly tool, I took an empty Planter's nut container and wash and dried it, of course.  Then, I covered it with whatever fun paper I had around using double-sided scotch tape.  Paper with bicycles on it makes sense in my house.  Then, I used my bin of recycled paper and my paper cutter to cut the right-sized pieces of scrap paper.

Voila - now, I am happy and organized in our studio.  S-T-U-D-I-O.  In case Mr. UpCyclist is reading.