Painted Applique Patches

I love this easy tutorial from Lil Blue Boo to paint on fabric.  It is especially fun to do with kids; Lil O loves painting on just about anything, fabric included.  Once the fabric paint dries and I set it with a hot iron, I then iron-on fusible adhesive (that I purchase by the yard at a fabric store) and voila, homemade patches are ready to embellish any plain t-shirt, tote bag, or skirt!

I do have some tips that I can offer as Lil O and I didn't exactly follow the entire tutorial:
  • We used fabric paint that I bought at a craft store, but Susan from Crafterhours taught me a trick:  Any acrylic paint will do!  Who knew?  Plus, I love those little bottles of colorful acrylic paints each costing just $.99-1.59/bottle.
  • Lil O did follow the tutorial and made a rainbow patch (I would have photographed it, but I think it is with her summer bins of clothing in storage).  I found using a disappearing ink pen (bought at a fabric store) was helpful to draw the shape for her just like Ashley shows in the tutorial.
  • We only used our spray bottle of water to lightly mist the fabric, unlike the tutorial where the fabric seems more saturated.
  • We did not sprinkle salt on ours.  I completely forgot this step, but I think the patches all turned out lovely without it.
  • Since I love the look of a sewing machine stitch around a patch, Lil O and I did stitch each patch.  However, since we used iron-on fusible adhesive, the stitch is only decorative and simply reinforces the patch.

It is almost tank-top season around here.  I'm thinking we might need to make some spring/summertime patches to spruce up our wardrobe.

Have fun,



  1. In the last three days K has asked "where are my tank tops?!?!" about 12 times. The bad news is that she's outgrown every single one she had last year. So we're about to start chopping sleeves off of things. :)

    Super cute patches!

  2. Time to make some kids tee-to-tanks and embellish with some painted patches!

    In? I'll join you :)


    PS - What's going on with your "service"/giving back idea? I remember you mentioning something after the Alt Conference.

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