Life Updated

Lil O just celebrated her birthday.  This past weekend bustled with festivities, fun, friends, and family.  This hike was a respite from all the high energy activity.  Here is the birthday girl.  I'm unsure if her eyes are open or closed since she is smiling sooooo intensely.....

The shallow river looked just as good for hiking as the trail.  Mr. UpCyclist needed to coax puppy Jedi who wasn't certain about the river current in some sections.

Cousin A and Lil O equals pure loveliness.  These photos looks fall-ish, don't they?   I'll take new ones when all the spring greenery arrives. 

Puppy Jedi is sure growing.  Remember his first puppy photos here?  He gained five pounds in two weeks recently!  Oh my!

A good life.  A good birthday weekend for Lil O. 




  1. Thanks, K. We think life is lovely, too.

    Have a great day,

  2. Happy Birthday to Lil' O...she is so cute and that hike you guys did looks a lot of fun. The puppy is adorable!

    Belen :)

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