Jedi's Subway Art

Before becomes a thing of the past on April 19th, 2012, Lil O and I thought we'd whip up some puppy subway art for Jedi.  Since Jedi has received many doggie gifts, we are using the subway art to adorn his thank you cards.

Doesn't he have the best puppy manners?  Writing his own thank you notes?


Lil O loved thinking up the words to describe Jedi, picking the fonts and colors, and helping to arrange the layout.  She's a mini-graphic designer in training.  If Mr. UpCyclist is reading, I meant mini "engineer" in training :)

Happy Weekend, Upcyclists,


  1. Kim - Go back to to sleep! You are up too early ;)


    Hope you are well. Jen

    1. j,

      funny! i actually was up at 6 that morning (which for me is uber early) but the post time says 3:13 AM.....very strange.....


  2. Puppy Thank you notes. The art of manners is alive!!!
    Robyn H.

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