Introducing our newest Upcyclist - Jedi

As some of you know (if you follow Upcycled Education on Facebook), Lil O, Mr. UpCyclist and I adopted a puppy recently, Jedi.  He came from the most lovely rescue in KY.

We originally thought he was part Aussie Shepard, part Aussie Cattledog, but each day we think a little German Shepard might be mixed in there, too.  At any rate, he is a kind puppy and very playful.  He is friend to all kids, adults and other dogs.  And boy, can he jump!  He jumped out of our puppy play yard (thanks, Karen) and baby gates (thanks, John and Stephanie) the first week home.  Then, Jedi jumped out of the bike cart Mr. UpCyclist fashioned for him.  Jedi doesn't know it yet, but he will have to like cycling.

Introducing, Sleepy Young Jedi and his favorite teething toys.....

Jedi, as I mentioned, loves other dogs...

Jedi is great in the car - mostly sleeping.  When he gets older, we do plan to put a doggy seatbelt on him.

Since Jedi will spend many weeks in Colorado each year, we are working on his off-leash hiking skills.  Thankfully, rescuer Becca took him on many hikes before he we adopted him. 

Jedi and people equal loveliness.  Little kids love to pet him because he is so soft and docile.  

This last photo was taken a week ago.  I was blogging and Jedi was napping along side me in the studio. 

Jedi is actually napping in the studio again while I craft this blog post.  He is in his second hour of sleep. Evidently, our impromptu puppy playdate at a local park this morning wore him out.  This time he is not sprawled out like he is in the photo above, but in his "seashell" curl, as Lil O calls it.

In love,

New Mom, Jen

PS - Having a puppy is just like having an infant in my estimation.  I had new mom anxiety the first week and a half.  Now, I'm getting in my new-normal-Jedi-family-groove.  I find I am at the computer less, spend more time outdoors, and now know every dog (and their human) in the neighborhood.