Free Apps for Scanning Documents {for Tech Tuesday}

If you are like me, you have lots of little bits of paper cluttering up your life.  BUT, those bits - at least, my bits - always have little notes or someone's contact information on them.  Stuff I want to save.

From this article at Mashable, I've identified four free mobile apps I want to try (possibly with students).


Genius Scan:  A feature I love about this scanning app is you can make PDFs out of your scans.  Cost:  FREE

Card Munch:  Amen to this app.  You just scan a business card and save it to your contacts.  Cost:  FREE

Shoeboxed:  This is probably the app I need the most.  I am receipt-challenged which means Target and Joann's love to give me a hard time when I am returning something.  Cost: FREE

Sign Now:  The newest Adobe Reader X allows you to e-sign PDFs and even invite others to e-sign with you.  However, Sign Now is a very cool alternative to have non-PDFs signed.  And yes, I realize this app isn't really a "scanning" app, but it sure makes life better.  Cost:  FREE

(All images from Mashable)

Do you have a favorite scanning app you like?  How would you use apps like these with your students? 

Happy Tech Tuesday, Upcyclist,