Donors Choose for Tech Tuesday

Today's Tech Tuesday is one of those "Why didn't I think of that?"  ideas.  Have a free online space where classroom teachers can post what project supplies they need.  For example, maybe you are in need of a new printer or new reading rug or new set of Sharpie markers.  Then, anyone from around the globe can visit Donors Choose and donate money to cover your entire supply list.  Or contribute just a portion to it - from $1 on up!

Giving is made simple, secure, and 100% of the monies donated are given directly to the classroom YOU choose as the donor.

Registration for teachers is free and each teacher starts with three points in their account.  That means, a teacher can submit three projects to Donors Choose to start.  Apparently, this keeps the site from being overloaded.  Then, as projects are funded, the teacher responds timely to Donors Choose emails and/or the teacher writes a thank you note to donors, the teacher can earn more points (and thus, submit more projects).  I love that Donors Choose encourages writing thank you notes (for donors who give over $50)!  Yay!

Apparently, college professors cannot submit projects to Donors Choose.  Nor can student teachers.  You have to be working in a public school as a teacher (or librarian, guidance counselor, or something similar) to enroll in Donors Choose.

If you just want to get a feel for Donors Choose, click on the "Search Projects" link and see what types of project supplies teachers are asking for.