Wolfram Alpha for Tech Tuesday {Flashback}

My college students are about to start their research projects and I wanted to (re)share Wolfram Alpha with them.

You might remember this free, tech gem from my blog post here.

I still can't get enough of it.

And, do you remember when I told you a gal from Wolfram Alpha contacted me?  She did and she even called me Mayor Jen!  I love a person with a good sense of humor.

Your favorite mayor of Jenville,


PS - Wolfram Alpha just launched a Pro version.  I haven't played with it, yet, but it looks like you can do some really neat things with data, as well as add your own.


  1. Wolfram Alpha has definitely been my life saver if my Calculus 2 class this semester! I love this website, it's the perfect resource.

  2. Jamie - I am so glad WA has been a friend to you. I adore Wolfram, too.


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