Upcycled Milk Carton Pouches

I have mixed feelings on this craftucation project.  It sure is cute and colorful and what a clever idea to upcycle a milk carton.  No, it wasn't my idea.  You know me...the creative imitator.  The idea is from here.  I like this tutorial because it comes with a template to cut the milk carton, instructions, and a video.  I'm just unsure if a) a pouch like this is useful, and b) if my milk carton was just too thick for the project - cutting and folding my milk carton was much trickier than the video demonstrated.  Maybe it was just me.

At any rate, you will need to save, clean, and dry your favorite milk cartons in order to prepare for the project.  Then, you will need two monkeys, like Lil O and Cousin A, to assist you.

See what you think of this project and post your comments below.  If you think your pouch turns out well, post a photo on Upcycled Education's Facebook page, ok?  The jury is still out for me.

Good luck,